Icebocce Court

Standard Court Size

The information below is provided to help standardize the playing surface and dimensions of Court Icebocce courts for building new courts or revising current courts. Court lengths can be found from 60 feet to 100 feet with a variety of playing surfaces. The standard dimensions encompass most existing courts; new courts should use the preferred dimensions. The most important standard is the playing surface to make playing consistent from one court to another. Standardized courts will bring the game of icebocce up to the level of all other major sports.

Standard Icebocce Court Dimensions

Standard Icebocce Court Materials & Construction

Sideboards & Backboards – The sideboards must extend a minimum of 1 inches above the playing surface and be sufficiently supported or have a hard plastic/rubber bumper along it so that a disk hitting the sideboards at an angle greater than 30 degrees will consistently bank off the sideboards.   The backboard should be a rigid wood, concrete or plastic with a minimum of 3 inches above playing surface.

Court Material – The courts must be perfectly level and slick.  Courts are made of ice but can be made out synthetic plastic.  Other hard surfaces can be use like hard wood, vinyl, tile or concrete by applying ice dust products.

Paint Markings – The sideboards & backboards may be painted (preferable white). Easily visible vertical lines 2 inches wide must be painted on the sideboards to indicate the location of the foul lines and center line. Vertical lines 1 inch wide may be painted on the sideboards & backboards to indicate the 12 inch lines for the initial jack throw.